For the past ten days, Mercury and Venus have shared a busy work space in the industrious Virgo offices. Feeling at home and well equipped, Mercury brainstormed, sent out news releases, and highly performed while Venus did her best PR and social connections role. Truth be told, she’s not at her best in Virgo. But everything changes tomorrow when both Mercury and Venus arrive at socially sophisticated Libra where Venus shines.

I’m reminded of the behind-the-scenes work for charity galas. Mercury in Virgo is the guy who makes all the calls to the vendors, secures the auction pieces, puts together the event timeline, makes sure the wifi will work so people can make online bids, and basically has a mile long string of Post-its next to his wall of all the bits and bobs needed to pull the event off in style. Meanwhile, Venus works in tandem doing the marketing and making personal connections with some of the bigger brands she hopes to pull into the auction net.

Then Gala night arrives and its Libra time. Venus is in the spotlight now, looking spectacular and sophisticated in her evening gown as she glides from table to table, dripping with charisma, complimenting her dress, straightening out his bow tie, and generally charming the entire room with pleasantries and insightful conversation. Meanwhile, Mercury is setting up the internet docks, making sure all the volunteers are in place, tagging the auction pieces, and downing a glass of wine before he joins Venus in the VIP Room to schmooze the big spenders.

Virgo has been extremely productive for many of us. I for one welcome this full moon in Pisces, where I’m reminded that I’m just another note in the music of the spheres. Where I can release into the mystical, magical void where I am no one, where I am One. Where I can shed the ego suit and merge. And as the season moves from Virgo to Libra, it might very well feel like Gala night has arrived. With the entry of Mercury and Venus into charismatic and atheistically pleasing Libra, it’s time to celebrate all that work we accomplished these past few weeks.

Image by @indg0