The 1st House, the House of Life

The twelve houses acts as fields of experiences for the planets to express their significations. 1st House themes include:

  • Appearance
  • Image
  • How others see you
  • Persona
  • Interface
Image by Marco Melgrati

Besides appearance, persona and the other points above, planets in the 1st House can speak to life’s beginnings, formation of character and early childhood. For instance, Saturn in the 1st often signifies early responsibilities and feeling older than you were when you were a child.

We also look to the 1st for overall vitality, health, and shape of body. For example, Moon in the first or Cancer Rising often gives a round, full face. One client with Mars in the 1st suffered from frequent rashes as a child.

Planets in the 1st House play a staring role in the native’s life. Mars in the 1st House will want to assert itself. Venus will want to connect, beautify and harmonize. The Sun in the 1st House must express its solar quality, often in a hero’s journey type of way.

When planets transit through the 1st house, we experience their significations as well. Jupiter might bring us expanded opportunities as well as expanded waistlines. Saturn ushers in recognition and promotion as well as added responsibilities and challenges. Uranus transiting the first is often a revolutionary time in our lives where everything changes: our jobs, our relationships, and ourselves.

As an angular house, the 1st is a very active and significant part of our chart. Natal as well as Solar Return placements and transits will always have a visible impact when they’re located here.