3 Tips for a Helpful Tarot Reading

Photograph taken by Juanita Benedicto

If you are considering a tarot reading, there are three things you can do to walk away feeling good about your reading:

1.  Come prepared with a topic, concern or issue you want to address 
You wouldn’t go to a stranger’s house and expect them to entertain you, would you?  It’s the same with tarot. Don’t book a consultation to see what the cards have to say. Despite what we’ve learned from movies and books, tarot readers are not fortune tellers.  They are interpreters of symbolism and synchronicity.  So if you don’t have anything to say, most of the time, neither will the cards.


2.  Be willing to share 
When you provide context, the cards come into focus. They have a scaffold to hang on and build from. The best tarot consultations occur when there is an open conversation between the client, reader and the cards. Meaning is made from braiding input from all three of us.


3.  Give the reading time
Sometimes, a card(s) will not make sense until some time has passed. If a card shows up and it’s hard to understand, make a mental note. You might even ask it to tell you what message it has for you a week or a month later.  Understanding always comes at the perfect time.