A fictional story of one Venus on the move

Venus has been riding in the Sun’s tailwind. She’s 7° behind, pulling out of the North Node. I can picture her getting on the CB radio and asking the Sun: What was your opposition to Saturn + South Node like? How about that Lunar Eclipse? What did you and Neptune trine about? Was Pluto a total sh*t show? I bet you’re excited to be crossing the border into your home country, Leo, on Monday!

Venus is comparing notes. Yesterday, opposing Saturn, she got a ring on her finger from a guy she’s been dating for forever AND a promotion at work = bigger salary 🙂 + tighter schedule :(. Things felt fated as she sat there on the North Node. She’s been crafting her vision of the future and the Lunar Eclipse accelerated that vision with a surprise proposal and promotion. But with Mercury Retrograde, she knows things could move around still.

She’s going to work a half day today and celebrate with her good friend Neptune early evening as they trine at a benefit art walk w/drinks, then maybe more drinks (and a Lyft) at Neptune’s favorite jazz bar afterwards.

She’s still not sure how the Pluto opposition on Sunday is going to pan out . . . but given the Saturnian + fated flavor to Tuesday’s Full Moon, maybe she’ll come clean on that thing she’s been meaning to tell him about that One Time. It’s been weighing on her. She knows trust is everything. This could ruin everything or make them stronger than ever. But for today, as she trines Neptune, she’s feeling all kinds of inspired and in love with life.

Art by Isabelle Kelly-Ramirez