Baddabing baddaboom through the Virgo tunnel

Welcome to September! The first half of the month might feel like you’ve moved your Farmer’s Market stand from an obscure corner to the high traffic footpath. Our personal planets are now occupying a part of the sky that allows them to interact with our social and outer planets. As Venus, Mars, Sun, and Mercury all make their way through Virgo, they’ll each make their own aspects with Saturn (14°), Jupiter (15°), Neptune (17°) and Pluto (20°) assuring a very busy couple of weeks ahead.

Venus leads the way through the sequence of planetary aspects. She made the first trine to Saturn yesterday (4:00pm Central). With Saturn, Venus is interested in creating structures around her themes: love, beauty, pleasure, and finances. This could see some of us balancing our checkbooks, looking at what we plan to spend on this month, scheduling a beauty treatment, figuring out date nights and our social calendar for the week.

Today, Mars presses the refresh button as he joins the Sun (6am Central). This begins a new 2-year cycle for the planet of action, drive, and self assertion. The pulse of this new cycle bakes in the other aspects in the sky. Standouts to me are Mars trine Uranus (risk taking, electrifying, surge of energy, but watch out for recklessness) and Venus square Jupiter + oppose Neptune, which can often over promise, over idealize, and over indulge but also connects through kindness and generosity. Mars is being hosted by a resourceful Mercury riding in his chariot in his own sign of Virgo. Given the inspirational jolts our personal planets had from Uranus last week, and now all the back and forth with the rest of the sky this week as Mars gets a powerful reset, we’ll be motivated to take action and try new things. Perhaps a guiding mantra might be: “Surge wisely”.

Illustration @geniespinosa