Cancer Season

Photo taken by me of my mother and daughter Marlena a long time ago.

Solstice marks the day in the Northern Hemisphere where the Sun reaches his zenith and begins his descent. The Moon’s reign begins to lengthen as the Sun enters Cancer, the Moon’s domicile. In Cancer, the solar self dims as we fold into kin. We remember the past, regaling stories steeped in nostalgia of another time. We carry the memories of our ancestors who continue to pour through our smiles, voices, facial expressions and gestures, literally immigrating through our bodies.

While in Cancer—June 20 to – July 21, 2021—the Sun will elevate and radiate the topics of home, homeland, family, loyalty, belonging, security and healing. We look to the Sun to see what parts of our life ask for visibility and prominence at this time. In a lifetime, the Sun suggests our plot line. As a transit, it speaks to what part of our charts step up to the spotlight. If the Sun happens to be our Time Lord, the spotlight dials up.

Another conversation

During this time, another planetary conversation is unfolding in the background: the gordian knot that is Saturn-Uranus. As Mars moves through the fixed sign Leo, he’ll trigger the tension between Saturn (structures and responsibilities) and Uranus (release, freedom and breakthrough). This tension will be keenly felt the first week of July.

Mars will again activate Saturn and Uranus when he travels through the fixed sign Scorpio in November. We can think of it a little like this:

Uranus is the child/colleague/partner/situation asking for release and freedom.

Saturn is the parent/boss/partner/situation requiring that rules be observed and responsibilities met.

Mars is the trouble-maker—person or situation—firing up Uranus to make a run for it!

As we know, astrology is a symbolic language. There are many ways we can put words to these energies. What comes to mind during Cancer season, is the urge to break free of constraints while prioritizing home, family and our requirements for belonging and security. This could be a time some of us—especially those with fixed placements from 10°-15°—will make key decisions around these themes only to revisit them in November.