Celestial Coaching ✨

Astrological CoachingDid you know that I offer Celestial Coaching?  Make an ongoing commitment to yourself by signing up for one year of astrological coaching. We’ll look at how the planets are impacting your chart and how you can maximize the energies available to you, making our year together a powerfully nourishing one for you.

How does it work?

For one year, we’ll meet once a month for 60 minutes.  We’ll talk about the transits you’re experiencing as well as pull tarot cards for specific questions you have at the time. Astrological coaching can give you the confidence needed to make necessary upgrades in your life, especially when you know the timing is on your side.

Here what one coaching client has to say:

I began my journey with Juanita three years ago. What started as a reading of my astrology chart immediately became something I had to incorporate into my life on a consistent and regular basis.

My passion for self improvement and growth has led me down many different roads. It led me to her. All have played a large part in my journey, but Juanita has been the most integral piece. I literally find myself giddy with excitement each month when I receive my monthly appt reminder in my inbox.

Life is busy and time is so precious. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to really know what is most aligned for us. I am a single full time mom of three teenage boys! I also own a business and lead a team of ten employees.  I have, and will continue to prioritize time for my own self work. My time with Juanita every month found itself on the top of my priority list when I began working with her.

Her expertise is incredible. But more importantly, her ability to use her astrological knowledge and translate that information in a way that is so easily understood continually blows my mind. I leave each month with actual ways to incorporate the information into my everyday life, making self discovery empowering and exciting.

For anyone wanting to delve further into who you are and where you’re going, Juanita will be an integral part.  If you are curious to know yourself at a deeper level, if you want to show up in the world brighter for yourself and the people you love, I highly recommend her monthly Celestial Coaching. The changes I have seen in myself and in my life have been worth the time and money investment 10 fold!

✍️ Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, Leo Rising.

I’m so pleased that all my coaching clients renewed when their first year came to an end. At this time, I have a few that are on Year #3!

If you’re serious about reaching a goal or even clarifying what your goals are, consider investing in yourself with a year of astrological coaching. It’s also a great way to learn astrology! The investment in yourself costs $1250 for an entire year and I have two spots available. Email me at juanita@juanitabenedicto.com if you have any questions.