Dignity Part I

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Dignity refers to a planet’s ability to carry out its significations. For instance, a well supported Venus might be naturally graceful, artistic and have people gravitate towards her as she casts an alluring spell. But when Venus is in a sign antithetical to her nature, in a day chart and squaring Saturn, well: she might have to develop some grit along her journey and become a little more scrappy in fulfilling her Venusian role.

I often think of well dignified planets as privileged: they represented the dominant culture, came from prosperous neighborhoods, attended the best schools, engaged in a plethora of after-school activities, and paying for University was a no-brainer. Life was set up so that the wind would always fill their sails. Few barriers existed to reaching their goals and they always had help in removing them.

Planets with bottom of the barrel dignity had a single-mother working three jobs to make ends meet, wore hand-me-downs their mother stitched up, filled up on extra-curricular activity by reading good books, climbing trees and keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings. They developed a sort of vigilance and repeatedly adapted to an environment that was unsupportive and sometimes hostile. They were always paddling into the wind and got by on their own efforts.

We can see how a planet and person with a log of dignity and privilege would have an easier time in reaching their potential. They are resourced to do so. They simply have to take initiative.

Yet, in my opinion and under the right circumstances, underprivileged planets—like people—can sometimes be more effective than highly dignified ones IF  they’ve learned to endure and perform despite a lack of resources. Like Oprah Winfrey, sometimes a person who comes from poverty, racism and insignificance creates a life of great impact. Other times, they don’t.  My point is: well dignified planets are great and we’re fortunate to have them as natal placements when we do; but we can do a lot without dignity. In fact, a well dignified planet needs to be exercised too lest they move back in when they turn 30 and live on the couch for the next 20 years.

For the next three issues, we’ll be looking at Dignity. This first installment is an introduction. Next issue, we’ll look at the mechanics of dignity.  Finally, we’ll put it all together in a celebrity natal chart.