Each man's life represents a road toward himself. ~Herman Hesse


I live in El Centro, Callejón Tenoch 2B (and also Calzada de la Presa #29). Follow these directions:

  1. Locate Calzada de la Presa.  It connects Homobono to Calzada de la Luz.  
  2. If you’re walking down Calzada de la Presa from El Centro, Callejón Tenoch will be the second alley on the right. You will see the number 29 and a sign that reads “Callejón Tenoch” which is easy to miss.
    NOTE: Taxi drivers often drop folks on the wrong street. It is NOT the alley with the black gate and mural of the Virgen.  It is one alley down from that one.  A sign reads “Callejon Tenoch” at the top and there is the number 29. 
  3. I’m at Callejón Tenoch 2B, the second door on the right.

Another way to find me is to:

  1. Locate the hotel Live Aqua San Miguel.  It’s at the foot of Calzada de la Presa on Calzada de la Presa 85. 
  2. Turn towards the center of town and walk up Calzada de la Presa. 
  3. Callejón Tenoch will be on your left as you walk up. 
  4. I’m 2B, the second door on the right.

Parking is not easy to find
. The best place to find a spot is near the Live Aqua Hotel.  I recommend walking or taking a taxi/Uber.

W H A T ‘ S  A P P
If you need to What’sApp me, I’m at (831) 419-1170, a USA number.