Diva Whisperer Venus in Leo

Hey hey! The red carpet has been rolled out in Leo in preparation for Venus’s grand entry just before 9pm Central time tonight!

Venus in Leo is like a Diva Whisperer that feeds just the right love language into the nerdy guy’s headpiece who is trying hard to win over the affections of his heart’s desire. Venus in glamorous Leo brims over the sides with a fluid confidence and seismic charisma, attracting an entire room just by being their Star Quality Self. She knows just the right moves to connect and captivate. This Diva Whisperer advises to go all out, buy the most expensive thing on the menu, come fashionably dressed, and tip extra to sit in the best seat in the house. Leo in Venus attracts with luxury, flattery, fun, and 5 star experiences all the while turning the charm dial to 💯.

I could see Jason Momoa coaching our uncertain Romeo how to court his Juliete. Not only is he our representative for Venus in Leo, sexy and dignified Drogo has his Sun + Mercury + Jupiter in Leo as well. Like the proud Lion, Jason is devoted to his family, wife Lisa Bonet and three daughters, while exuding the playfulness and charisma of a stellium in Leo. Perhaps he’d advise us that as the moon draws near its Balsamic Phase, to take the kids out (or your inner child) for a special treat at Luxury Cinema, nestling in to watch The Lion King with $14 XL popcorn.

Art by @replaceface .