Full Moon 29° Aquarius 37′

August 22, 2021 at 7:03am CT—The Full Moon in Aquarius wraps up the three part concerto that began with a restless and resolute Full Moon in the same sign on July 23rd. August 8th brought the storyline forward with a bold and hopeful New Moon in Leo. Sunday brings the concerto to a close with a final Full Moon in the very last degree of Aquarius.

The past month


If you look over the past month, have you recognized the moving on theme playing out in your life? The Aquarius part of our chart has been doing overtime with Saturn and Jupiter setting up shop in the water bearer’s sign. Additionally, the squares from Saturn to Uranus this year have invited us to think about reconfiguring a certain part of our life. In doing so, we might be tentatively taking a step towards our awakening and then stepping back to the supports and structures that hold up our lives.

Many of us are engaging with this jig back and forth between freedom (Uranus) and reality (Saturn) as we explore the right fit for our true selves this year. The events and actions that have taken place this past month have been in support of that exploration.

Seven of Swords: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The tarot card associated with this lunation is the Seven of Swords. In it we see a man sneaking away with an armful of swords. Austin Coppock has referred to this card as being in a complicated situation where we would like to leave, but it’s sticky. Every time we try to extricate ourselves, we’re pulled back in.

With the Full Moon being so close to Pisces, it’s interesting to think about the tarot card for the first decan of that sign: The Eight of Cups. This card shows a man walking away in search of higher meaning and emotional fulfillment. Called “The Lord of Success Abandoned”, the Eight of Cups often appears when the querent is ready to close a chapter of life that no longer aligns with the person they’ve evolved into and instead, move towards the kind of experiences that will nourish them on a soul level.

Go For It

The Full Moon in Aquarius conjuncts Jupiter, offering hope, vision and expansion of mindset.  In addition, Mars trines Uranus in this chart, galvanizing a sense of risky adventure. These signatures green light our desire to Go For It. This is a “strike while the iron is hot” Full Moon. With the practical mindset and purposeful action offered by Mercury and Mars in Virgo coupled wth the diplomacy of Venus in Libra, this lunation will support us taking a chance on ourselves.

Image: Seven of Wands from the Rider Waite Smith deck