Full Moon 8° Libra 18′ ⚖️

Sunday’s Full Moon in Libra brings a certain amount of clarity around the viability of relationships. Where are we doing our part? Where are we compromising too much or not enough? Have we been self-absorbed and clueless to the hopeful expectations of others? Or on the other hand: have we felt out of balance, perhaps over-giving and under-receiving?

These are the kinds of questions Libra mulls over. Core to the Libra archetype is balance. And when the Self-Other axis bears down heavy on one side of the scales, this Cardinal Air sign is more apt than most to set it right. With the Sun beaming brightly in Aries, we begin to think of prioritizing our own needs more than we have been.

The ruler of this moon, Venus, has barely separated from her regeneration and purification process with the Sun only to be midwifed by Chiron, also at 8°. Fresh and Cazimi new, this baptism-by-fire lunation offers an emboldened perspective on love, self-love, friendship, community and belonging. Two days after Venus separates from the Sun and Chiron, she sextiles Saturn and then conjuncts Ceres on Friday. What do these encounters offer her? How can she use her suffering and alienation to point her towards wisdom and maturity? Perhaps the Full Moon asks us to caretake ourselves. Finding nourishment (Ceres) in autonomy (Aries) may be just the right action to bring the scales into balance.