Full Moon in Scorpio: Agent of Vigilance

May 7 at 5:45am Central—I’ve always thought Scorpio to be the bravest sign. As the nocturnal domicile of Mars, Scorpio does not avert her gaze from toil and trouble. Instead, she conjures down, body and soul, descending into the darkness determined to find underlying reasons and motives. Scorpio doesn’t take the red pill: she is the red pill. This is the Full Moon we need right now.

The circadian rhythm of the sky shifts May 11-14 as Saturn, Venus, and then Jupiter join Pluto in retrograde motion. This slowing down reminds me of the lull in alertness 80% of us experience mid-afternoon. In “When: The Scientific Secrets to Perfect Timing”, Daniel Pink writes about time-hacks. He suggests taking a midday nappuccino—drinking a coffee before a 15-min nap—to wake up to amplified alertness. The coffee is the Full Moon in Scorpio. Then nap is the retrogrades.

As four planets retrograde and the sky gets some shut-eye, we will have Mars leaving Aquarius for Pisces May 13. This means Saturn and Mars will now be in different signs. Without Saturn holding him back, Mars will be ready to cautiously (Jupiter in Cap) open up the economy and get things running again. So, why the nap metaphor? Because we risk stepping back into the sleep of pre-covid status quo. Eris, goddess of strife and discord, reminds us with her square to Pluto at this lunation that so much inequality and social injustice still exists. Much of it has come to light as a result of the virus. We can’t put these themes back into a closet, shut the door, and return to business as usual. Our personal lives have changed as well. Can we forget the insights and determinations that have arisen for us during quarantine?The Full Moon in Scorpio is the caffeinated agent-of-vigilance to an upcoming celestial siesta. In this cosmic nappucinno, Luna accepts Morpheus’ red pill, asking us all to remain lucid through the upcoming dreams so that we may awaken to alive authenticity and realness.