Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5° Sagittarius 25′ 🏹

May 26 at 6:13am Central—Once again, we’re stepping into the ping-pong match between the Gemini and Sagittarius parts of our charts. With Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse, what began in June of 2020 and accelerated in Nov-Dec, might feel as if it’s peaking now. Wednesday’s eclipse feels momentous… like a movie scene where time slows down so we can fully register the drip of expression changes on the faces of each character.

The characters✨

🔸Saturn stands still in the sky, saturating 13° of the fixed signs with his significations for all of May and half of June as he waits for Uranus to catch up and square him from Taurus.

🔸Mercury slow-motions all the way to the middle of the last decan of Gemini before pushing off the 24° mark on Saturday. It will take him until June 22nd to station direct and then another two weeks and two days to leave his shadow.

🔸 The Moon and Sun can’t turn retrograde, but they are within 18° of the nodes which means we experience an eclipse at their conjunction and their opposition. Eclipse are accelerants. They bring us to cliff hangers, turning points, and places where we must decide.

🔸In Cancer, Mars is feeling deeply, sinking into his moods and taking the temperature of the responses around him before he risks a move.

🔸Jupiter is home! He does his best dreaming, visioning, and journeying to Best Possible Case Scenarios in Pisces. But is he being realistic?

🔸We could ask the same of Venus as she prepares to visit Fantasy Island with her square to Neptune on the 27th only to bump into Mercury on the 29th as he stations retrograde, beginning his process of rethinking and reevaluating. The timing of Venus meeting Mercury and then Mercury going back to his drawing board is notable.

Full Moons signify a time of illumination and release. An eclipse intensifies the force behind these realizations and culminations, prompting choice and action. With Jupiter in Pisces ruling this Full Moon, we can feel as though our dreams are coming true. But given some of the other signatures present, we may have to revise other parts of our plan or path to reach rainbow’s end.