Gemini Season

Mullein, photographed by Holly Wilmeth

May 20—The Sun drives his chariot through Gemini from May 20 to June 19. Gemini, like Mercury himself, is a tricky sign to fully grasp. Gemini Sun Walt Whitman captured it best when he wrote: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”

It’s as if Gemini’s remote is constantly flicking through its personality channels, looking for something to land their attention on. They’re free & inquisitive, like a playful wind that breezes between the nooks and crannies of every experience, bottling just enough of it to carry its essence in a story file. Geminis are the pollinators of the Zodiac. Their nectar comes from a field of conversations, a podcast they heard, the books they read, a class they’re taking, the library of curious facts they store in their heads. They tincture memories via photographs, journal keeping, and writing. The best networkers, Geminis pass on their tinctures to the people in their mental ecosystem pollinating ideas together.

With an emphasis in Gemini, our ability to adapt and take a meandering path will serve not only this month, but in the months to come as we experience the final eclipses across the Gemini/Sag axis and the next installment of the Saturn-Uranus square.

The image comes from Photographer Holly Wilmeth. She’s allowed me to use her image of Mullein which is ruled by Mercury (according to Agrippa) or Saturn (according to Culpepper). Put a leaf in your shoe to protect you while traveling. Drink it to help with lung ailments and breathing problems. Smoke it to calm the mind and clear up mental traffic jams. Lore says witches used mullen leaves as wicks to light their flames during incantations. Mullein safeguards against evil spirits that bring sickness and malevolent magic.