Hammer & Dance New Moon

April 22, 2020 at 9:26pm CST—Tonight’s New Moon in Taurus squaring Saturn and conjoining Uranus illustrates the choreography we’re collectively figuring out between The Hammer (Saturn) and The Dance (Uranus). The term comes from an article published in Medium over a month ago by behavioral psychology expert Tomas Pueyo entitled Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance—What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like, if Leaders Buy Us Time.

In the massively referred to article, Pueyo predicted the lockdown which he called the hammer. Once we hammer the virus with social distancing, restrictions and quarantine (Saturn), we can move into the next phase, the Dance: an incremental reopening (Uranus) of the economy, schools, and life in general. In effect, a do-si-do between Saturn and Uranus square dancing between restraint and freedom.

The Saturn-Uranus dance will be a major theme in 2021 as they square one another three times. Tonight’s square is not exact but the Moon at 3°24 Taurus is transferring light from Saturn at 1° Aquarius to Uranus at 6° Taurus. This new moon previews what’s in store in 2021 when the Saturn-Uranus squares adjust the complex choreography of the hammer and the dance. Since the last square of 2021 occurs December 24th, most likely we’ll be going back and forth between cautious restrictions and prudent allowances that creep towards freedom all of next year.

The Taurus New Moon corresponds to the Five of Pentacles. We often associate scarcity and hard times with this card. And it’s true: we can experience a sense of terrifying lack when this card appears. That said, wasn’t it Duran Duran who sang “your freedom (Uranus) held you captive (Saturn) just the same”? Sometimes, when resources and choices evaporate and there’s only one viable road left to travel, we finally put on our shoes and start walking it.