Image of Venus


Lena with the Venus design for 2022 April's talisman
Lena with the Venus design for 2022 April’s talisman

According to Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, the image for Venus in Pisces is of a woman having the head of a bird and feet of an Eagle, holding a dart in her hand.

Images play a key role in talismans, a part of the planetary magic that I practice. The ancients believed it was through the eyes the image entered and affected the soul. My first step in creating one is deciding on the right image.

Three years ago, I found an artist to help me bring the images alive. Since I can’t draw, I needed someone who could translate the designs I had in my head to paper. I found Lena. Initially I chose her because she has my mother’s name and lives in the Ukraine, where both sets of my grandparents emigrated from. Later we discovered we had the same birthday: March 9. After creating magical images for seven talismans together, I’ve grown to admire Lena’s rare combo of skill, sweetness & strong work ethic.

In February of 2021, we finalized the image for Venus for the talisman I’ll create next month. Because of our Ukrainian background, we dressed the bird-woman in a Ukrainian dress and gave her a traditional vinok symbolizing purity. The roses symbolize love.

Recently, we began working on a Hekate design and were communicating regularly. Lena texted me from her home in Kyiv after the first explosion. She was scared, trembling, and like everyone else, didn’t know what to do. She wrote she believed in the Ukrainian army. I responded I believed in the tenacity and resilience of the Ukrainian people. She signed off sharing she would have her paper and pencils with her. I haven’t heard from her since. That was February 25.

I think of her constantly. I wonder where she is. Is she alright? Is she still in Kyiv? I think of all the other people like her, 1.7 million of them across borders with uncertain futures. I think of the courageous others who remain to defend their Country. Is she among them?

Amidst it all, birthdays arrive, babies enter the world and people comfort one another with tender hope. The human spirit endures. This timely image of Venus adorned in Ukrainian dress powerfully emanates that hope for me.

I’ll write more on this Venus talisman once it’s created. I’m making one for Jupiter as well.  But for now, I wanted to let you know about Lena who just had her birthday on March 9th. My wish for her is Peace and a safe return.