June 2023 :: Catching our breath

We’ve been through some pretty big changes these last few months! The slower moving planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have a changed signs. Eclipse season has come and gone. Mercury has stationed direct, picked up speed, and is preparing to enter his diurnal domicile of Gemini.

Things are beginning to stabilize. If we believe in the Hermetic principle “As above, so below”, June will give us a chance to catch our breath as we metabolize the shifts in our lives reflected in the skies since March. The only outer planet changing signs this month is Pluto which retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 11th. However, the last few degrees of Capricorn is no stranger to us by now. Pluto has been here before and will most likely bring up topics again that we dealt with in March through June of last year plus January and February of this year.

Leo is seeing some action this month as Mars charges through. The upcoming month finds us asserting ourselves, desiring recognition and/or expressing courage in the Leo part of our charts. Venus will drop rose petals behind Mars’ swordplay when she enters Leo on June 5th. The planet of love spreads charm, warmth and generosity over any rips and tears Mars’ pride may have caused. Venus will retrograde through Leo this year during July and August. The month of June sets us up for her retrograde and the Venusian revisions we’ll be considering the end of Summer in the Leo part of our charts as well as the signs she rules: Taurus and Libra.