Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24° Capricorn

June 29, 11:17pm Central—Jupiter and Pluto come together every 13 years. At these times, we’re given the opportunity to find meaning (Jupiter) in decomposing structures (Pluto). In Capricorn, we’re scrutinizing the unchecked power of systems that supposedly provide order. These include our government and elected officials, the police, the judicial system, and banking and financial institutions. As Jupiter and Pluto join again for the second time this year, we’re witnessing the chthonic stench of the abuse of power (Pluto) that is forcing us to examine our morality and take a stand on our principles (Jupiter).

Saturn is on its way to the scene as well. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn July 1st and stations at 25° for all of September and most of October. That’s FIFTY-SEVEN days of Saturn in one spot! That spot is one degree away from the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions of April and June. In addition, Mars will be squaring Saturn from Aries beginning mid-August and throughout September.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, sitting on this very spot signifies bringing landmark consequences to the abuses of power and injustices of the past. Saturn is also the principle of form and structure. As Pluto deconstructs rotting systems and Jupiter asks us to examine our truth, Saturn will bring not only the reality checks but the blueprints to create equitable structures that work for everyone. The deep systemic change we’ve been collectively laboring through for decades is crowning. If not now, when?