Jupiter enters Capricorn

December marks the end of a decade as well as a mighty shift in the skies as Jupiter enters Capricorn. Jupiter in Capricorn is a much more contained and quality control version of himself than in fire wielding Sagittarius. Whereas Jupiter in adventurous Sag expanded our horizons, now he’ll be breaking ground and building scaffolds so we can root our dreams in a fertile ground. They’ll have something to latch on when they sprout. What’s more: Saturn has been tilling the soil in Capricorn for the past two years. The Capricorn part of our lives is ready for the strategic visioning Jupiter brings.

We can think back to 2008 when Jupiter was in Capricorn to get a feel of how this will play out for us. During this time, I began living and working in a convent that ran a shelter for abused women and fostered girls. During this time, I got to know the nuns and their values, resulting in the organic implementation of programs that could continue long after I was gone such as a learning lab with internet, a library, and solar water heating. My time at the convent marked one of the most precious and important times in my life. Yet my entire focus was humanitarian and group oriented, working with elderly nuns to bring a century old convent into the modern age. This made my 11th House in Capricorn very happy.

Jupiter loses dignity when passing into Capricorn, his Fall. But he’s still Jupiter! The Greater Benefic’s nature is to bring optimism, blessings and faith to whatever house he enters. In Capricorn—a Cardinal Earth sign—Jupiter will use a practical, steady and long term approach in taking on challenges and initiating change in the Capricorn part of our lives which could use a little pick me up after two years of Saturn and the eclipses! May we all use his presence wisely.

Photo of the girls on their way to school. Taken at the convent with Mother Superior on the right.