Jupiter enters Pisces :: May 13 to July 27 🕊

Giant City, Band-Wald-Hall by outsider artist Adolf Wölfli

As I listened to @thisjungianlifepodcast episode on introversion yesterday morning, I thought about Jupiter’s two mutable domiciles: wanderlusting Sagittarius and mystical Pisces. In Sag, Jupiter is a more extroverted version of himself. The world is his oyster. The quest is OUT THERE. It’s different for the more introverted Pisces. There’s certainly a quest, but it’s a journey into interior space. Both signs orient around wisdom: one gleaned from what they’ve seen and experienced, and the other from what they’ve felt and embodied in the soul’s journey. It’s the difference between Kansas and Oz: both are real but occur in different realms.

The tarot card associated with the first decan of Pisces is the 8 of Cups. This card often appears during a spiritual initiation… when the job, relationship, opportunity, whatever+it+is wasn’t what we thought it would be. So we turn our back on that path and head into the darkness which leads us back home to ourselves. Doesn’t feel like Jupiter’s blessings initially, does it? But if we heed the summons to follow our truth, we eventually reap the reward of equilibrium studded with joy. It makes me wonder if Jupiter’s short pop into Pisces will present some of us with those 8 of Cups choices which always revolve around being true to oneself.

Jupiter in Pisces offers opportunity for soul growth, whether that be through 3rd House learning that expands our minds, a 7th House relationship that deepens our hearts or 12th House Wizard of Oz dream that reminds us there’s no place like home, Jupiter in Pisces lends itself to spiritual development through the lens of the house it transits. In keeping with the generosity of this Pisces & Jupiter, this is also a time of being charitable and giving back. In doing so, we compassionately strengthen pieces of ourselves in search of healing.