Mars Enters Aries with Dragstrip Courage


Tom Waits in Goin’ Out West. From Bone Machine.

Mars gets ready to set up shop in his home base of Aries tomorrow, but not before opposing the Moon this afternoon. In the bounds of Saturn, this can be a cantankerous Mars. Be aware of short fuses and a wackamole of irritation. Be prepared to stake out a spot for a power nap (Mars in Pisces) to ride through potential frustration.

Tomorrow, Mars enters Aries where he will extend his normal stay of six weeks to six months. That’s a lot of Mars for one house! Mars in his own sign of Aries reminds me of a Tom Waits character with “dragstrip courage” who can “really drive a bed.” He’s going to do what he wants and he’s going to get paid. He’s no extra, baby, he’s a leading man. Best of all, he’s got real scars, hair on his chest and looks good without a shirt. In Goin’ Out West, Waits paints the picture of someone who’s impulsive, hot blooded, and you don’t want to mess with. Mars in Aries people know what they want and they aren’t afraid to go after it. They’re also upfront and direct. Mars in the Cardinal sign of Aries doesn’t hesitate.

Mars will spend part of the next six months aggravating and/or energizing the slow-moving planets over in Capricorn. In addition, he’ll be joining forces with his sister Eris the goddess of strife and discord during his elongated sojourn in Aries. Although he is well resourced in his home base, he will be overcome by Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn as these planets are in a stronger position and impose their significations on Mars.

The times we will most likely feel the Cardinal Fire heat turned up are mid-August to mid-October and as Mars conjuncts Eris and squares Pluto + Saturn. My guess is that we’re entering a time where those who have always been disenfranchised and not treated fairly (as symbolized by Eris) will rise up and seek justice. Just as it takes immense heat and pressure to form a diamond, it will take similar intensity to form a new world, one in which each one of us truly matters.