Mars enters Virgo: The first of a party of four

There’s a shift in the air as Mars leaves the warm radiance of heart-centered Leo and steps into the pure efficiency of gut-led Virgo. Taking the lead, Mars—the first planet in the Party of 4—to roll up his sleeves and begin hitting the To Do list which could include setting up a new exercise routine, trying a raw foods diet for a month, or downloading a new scheduling app. Planets in Virgo always aim to optimize.

Virgo is represented by harvest time, where we separate the wheat from the chaff, filtering for the very best. Along the same lines, in the body Virgo rules the intestines, the process of absorption and assimilation, selecting the highest quality nutrients the body requires. Virgo strives for perfection. Their absolute attention to detail and analytic minds make them excellent scientists, editors, project managers, website coordinators, indexers, and event planners. Their fine eye for the nitty-gritty catches things most of us miss and they will make anything—a book, event, website, research—better.

On Wednesday, Venus hangs up her feline prints and gold accessories to strap on a classy timepeace and a pair of understated (but high quality) jeans as she joins Mars in Virgo, eventually forming a conjunction on Saturday. This dynamic duo might make plans to hit the gym together and the smoothie bar afterwards. Or they might volunteer at a homeless shelter and spend the evening watching “Big Dreams Small Spaces” #gardening #Netflix while they carefully tease out knots from necklace strands. In Virgo, Venus connects through service and offering practical acts of kindness. Joined by Mars, she’s even more energized to do this.

Virgo Season officially begins Friday the 23rd when the Sun steps off Leo’s throne and walks barefoot in the tall grass of Virgo’s fields. If you’re not feeling the back-to-school vibe by then, you will be. Enjoy this down-to-earth, efficient, and humble change ushering us into the 3rd week of August. While I’m here: I’ve got my nose to the grindstone for a month. I won’t be posting as often but intend to offer the quality befit to Virgo season.

Photo @followmeaway