Mercury Neptune Merge tomorrow 🐋

What to do when Mercury—the fishing line cast out to hook some tangibles—delivers whale sound? Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune delivers the entire web of associations: the chairs on the Titanic, bottles and their messages, the musings of a 16th century fisherman. It can be challenging to extract the fish from the Neptunian haul. That’s Virgo’s job! But sometimes the net will offer achingly beautiful whale sound composed from the glass stained nebula of the totality of human experience.

I recently met with a Neptune/Mercury client who flatly shared her biggest fear is that people will think she’s crazy if she opens her mouth. I suggested she might take it as a compliment. But she said no… whenever she offers an insight, people lean out. So she has learned to keep her fantastical ideas to herself, which is a shame, because her imagination is Borgesian in nature.

John Muir's quote
John Muir’s quote

Our conversation reminded me that the Water signs are considered mute. Sometimes, it will take a watery Mercury so long to connect with the fish, the moment to add to the conversation passes. The person knows that whale sound is not an appropriate contribution, so they say nothing. That is why people with Mercury in Pisces—Mercury aspecting Neptune in particular—can create gorgeous poetry and art if given a moment to arrange their impressions. They are the vessel through which feelings bubble forth from an inspired umbilical spring to be reinterpreted in words, melodies and canvas moods.

Riz Ahmed
Riz Ahmed on a Fresh Air interview

Mercury and Neptune join in a water waltz Monday the 29th (9pm Central Mexico City time). Allow yourself to fish for nothing and see what emerges.

Images: 1) A card I recently gave away and I don’t remember who the artist is. Google Image Search returned a Merc/Nep response of alien drawings. 2) John Muir’s quote. 3) Riz Ahmed on a Fresh Air interview. 4) Digital Creator KYLE @eyesboyzinsta