Mercury square Pluto: Deep investigations and/or you grow what you focus on

We’ve got a front row seat of Mercury square Pluto with the current events unfolding in Trump’s call for impeachment. When the planet of communication and commerce squares the obsessive prober and truth seeker that is Pluto, we often see investigation of the shadow and powerful criticism. Mercury in Libra, there’s a quest for balance and equity checking on the power of government (Pluto in Cap). This lineup urges us to get to the bottom of problems, not letting a single detail slip between the cracks in our search for fairness.

Mercury square Pluto manifests here as rooting for and exposing wrongdoing. But we can look at the energy in another way. For instance, we’ve all heard that “What you put your attention on grows”. It’s true: what you focus on you create more of. Thoughts are powerful—Mercury + Pluto—and have the ability to transform. Change your mind, change your life.

I can remember when I lived and worked at a Buddhist Meditation Retreat Center. Visitors to the center would circumambulate the Stupa chanting mantras. The Director explained to me that repeating the same words over and over in a meditative state charged this place as a power point which is a great way to think of Merc & Pluto. Just being in the space of the Stupa steeped retreatants in potentiality because of many years of earnest repetition and circling of others.

Today and every day, it’s important to examine where our thoughts circumambulate because they build our lives in a powerful way.

Art @travellingthecosmos