Mid Summer 2023

We’ve arrived at the middle of August. It’s been raining on and off here in Central Mexico. The soccer field I walk by has adorned itself with a pretty coat of the greenest grass.  Mosquitos appear like Happy Hour regulars every afternoon, finding exposed ankles and forearms to feast upon. School is out for the summer. At night, kids play in the streets until very late at night as parents and neighbors sit outside chatting with one another.

Overhead, Venus has disappeared from the nighttime sky as she makes her underground journey beneath the beams of the Sun. Her Cazimi moment is today on the 13th—when she makes her inferior conjunction with the Sun—marked the halfway moment of her retrograde.  The Cazimi is a special moment when we might feel imbued with Venusian sentiment. Our senses might be heightened as we engage in a field of love, friendship, pleasure, peace and even abundance.

On the 23rd, the Sun enters Virgo while Mercury stations retrograde. The Sun has its annual opposition to Saturn on the 27th, the same day that Mars enters Libra. The next day, Uranus stations retrograde at 23° Taurus. For the next five months, Uranus will revisit four degrees, turning direct on January 27th on 19° Taurus.

Given Uranus’s square to Wednesday’s New Moon in Leo, we could encounter an unexpected development or two. Let’s turn to the New Moon now.