New Moon Solar Eclipse 12° Sag :: Letting go of what, exactly?

Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in SagittariusDecember 4, 2021 at 1:43am CT—Saturday’s Total Solar Eclipse marks the last spike between the Gemini-Sagittarius volleyball net, closing an 18 month cycle that began in June of 2020. Eclipses usher turning points and tremendous opportunities for change. They’re the technology the Universe uses to prod us towards our own evolution. The game that began roughly 18 months ago across the Gem-Sag axis is coming to a close. We can look to the houses those signs occupy in our own charts to see where our lives have accelerated since June 2020, bringing about significant choices and change.

We usually think of new moons as new beginnings. We plant seeds at this time, some of which take root while others don’t. But when a new moon is conjunct the South Node and closes out a series of eclipses, there’s a purging and releasing quality that must first happen in order to move forward. Yes, there is a hope of a new beginning and another part of life opening up to us. But to embark on a fresh chapter, we have to break free of the energetic dross holding us back.

Nine of WandsThe tarot card for this middle decan of Sagittarius where the New Moon occurs offers us helpful insight. In the Nine of Wands, we see a tired, worn-out man with a bandage around his head. He’s been injured. There’s a vulnerability to this card coupled with a defensiveness. He’s tired of fighting. He’s sapped from being constantly maligned. He’s worked his way through the passionate suit of Wands where we find creativity, romance, will, endurance and the commitment to keep our fires burning. But at this point, he’s simply burnt out, soul weary and physically compromised.

When the Nine of Wands appears, it’s a good time to ask if any embers still burn for a passion project, a love, and even our faith—all things that the fiery suit of Wands represent. If we do, can we find it in ourselves to connect with the excitement we once had for it? Is there a way we can resuscitate it while we revitalize ourselves?  If so: the advice is to keep going. Give it a little breather but don’t give up.

But if deep down we know we’re done with feeling misunderstood, beat up and constantly on the defensive: then it’s best to graciously cut our losses and bow out.

We’re back at where we started: releasing to move forward.  The real question at the Total Solar Eclipse—this last eclipse of the Sag-Gem volley—is what exactly are we meant to release? Our feelings of defensiveness, slights and misunderstandings? Or the thing itself, whether it be a project, partnership or dream? Or both? We may not have all the answers right now. But if we sit for a moment with the new moon darkness and occlusion of the Sun, perhaps the stillness can lead us to an inner part of ourselves that has always known. On December 30th, Mars will activate this tender 12° spot with his passage through Sagittarius.  For some of us, the activation will connect us with our next step forward.