Pallas-Athene Pendant


Sterling silver pendant with 18″ sterling silver chain.

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Pallas-Athene: The goddess associated with wisdom, reason, warfare, and artisanal craftwork.

Athena emerged fully grown and armour ready from her father’s forehead. Her mother—whom her father Zeus had swallowed—was the Titan Sea Goddess Metis whose name meant wise counsel. Athena was known not only for her intellect but also for her embodied wisdom. In fact, her roots reach back to her origins in the African Amazons as the Libyan Snake Goddess Neith. Her’s is a functional yet intuitive intelligence, one that understands patterns while synthesizing the whole. We see examples of her ingenuity through her useful inventions such as weaving, pottery, the chariot and ship-building to name a few.

Athena added Pallas to her name in tribute to a childhood friend she accidentally impaled during a play fight at an athletics festival. She is known as Pallas Athene or Pallas Athena.

In our charts, Pallas Athene describes our capacity for creative synthesis, mental strategy and remarkable perception.