Rihanna and the Skies of April

April 26, 2022—Just like Rihanna captured by Annie Leibovitz for the cover of Vogue, there’s a lot to work with in an expectant sky at the moment. This week in particular is a notable standout.

As I write this on Tuesday morning, there’s a stellium in Pisces consisting of Mars, the Moon, Venus, Neptune and the traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter. Like the photoshoot itself, this imbues the moment with imagination and tons of creativity. Pisces turns the dial way up on glamour and an extravagant mystique. There’s a quality of enchantment and otherworldliness, especially with both benefics—Jupiter and Venus—conjoining ethereal Neptune.

A standout for this week is on Saturday when Venus conjoins Jupiter highlighting pleasure, sweet indulgences, great artistry and fortunate times. Both planets have recently enjoyed the embrace of grandmother Neptune and carry her fragrant spirituality and idea-forms from a higher world. Now they come together uniting their lucky and prosperous significations on the day of the solar eclipse.

Like a very pregnant Rhianna, there’s an understanding of imminent change with the eclipse conjunct Uranus. This glamorous moment is about to transform from a stellium in Pisces to one in Aries. The skies will look very different in one month from now when the planets—except Neptune—shift into Aries, signifying the raw energetics of start-up energy. Here’s where we, and Rhianna, will engage in bursts of action as we address immediate concerns.

The photoshoot was taken when Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct. There’s a combination of high art mixed with reverence and fashion which directly speaks to the celestial energies. It’s quite possible Rhianna will give birth when Mars—currently in the first decan of Pisces making its way down to Neptune in the third—joins Neptune and sextiles Pluto. This powerful combination (Mars/Neptune in Pisces sextile Pluto) holds the symbolism of labour, suffering for a higher good, transcendent work and the transformation of bringing another life into the world.

Pluto is in the photoshoot as well. It reverberates throughout like Tibetan throat singing. There’s a plutonian portance to the photographs, knowing that as Rhianna carries life, her own is about to completely change as she becomes a mother. Pluto is the undertone right now, offering to altar us from the inside out.  At the very end of Capricorn and on the verge of entering Aquarius, we’re at the final bits of a chapter in our lives that began when Pluto entered Cap way back in November of 2008.  Where were you back then?  Who were you back then?

With Jupiter and Pluto at the end of their signs, each planet meets with them before ingressing into a new sign. There’s a feeling of purpose and visioning and then going deeper to reacquaint oneself with the fertile field of possibility and power that exists in our subconscious worlds before we can bring about what’s waiting to be born from us.

Rihanna photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, May 2022