Saturn, Cats & Jennifer Hudson’s astrology

Astrology of Jennifer HudsonDid you know that Saturn rules cats? As I was listening to Jennifer Hudson talk about going to cat school in her preparation for the movie Cats, I began wondering where Saturn turns up in her chart. In Cat the movie, Hudson plays the main character Grizabella the Glamour Cat, or as Hudson describes, “a good diva cat”.

In a nutshell, Grizabella is at first rejected by the other cats when she tries to rejoin her tribe. In her old age, she has lost her allure and prestige, appearing tattered and worn. All she has are her memories of days in the Sun. She’s alone now: weak, aged, and repeatedly shunned.

Her stellium in Libra reflects this story line: We see Mercury conjunct Saturn in Libra which in this example reflects an Aged Lonely Cat (Saturn ruling elders, separation and cats) that has something to say (Mercury) but communication is challenged + delayed (Mercury/Saturn).

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, however, as Venus, Ruler of Libra, is in her domicile. She’s strong here. All she needs is a little dusting off and we can see the Diva underneath. Whereas Saturn might contribute to the isolation, Saturn is exalted in Libra. Grizabella/Jennifer can work that Saturn to her benefit and step into authority in the arts, beauty, in social situations or as a feline glamour queen! With Jupiter just minutes away from her Mercury, she has a big voice and a lot of faith that turns fortune back in her favor. Pluto sitting on top of the fixed star Spica assures us that through this Phoenix process, Grizabella is reborn (Pluto) and everything turns out well in the end (Spica).