The Sun Enters the Chermerical Waters of Pisces

Photo by Delia Raya Martínez

February 18, 2021—The Sun glides into the chermerical waters of Pisces on Friday. In our charts, the Sun represents the gravitational force around which our lives orbit around and are structured by. For the Sun in Pisces, that underlying organizing principle is the dissolution of the ego through the exploration of consciousness. In other words, the inner compass for the Fish points to transcendent non-attachment and unity with The Divine.

Because there are various ways to follow that inner compass, we find a disparate assortment of saints and sinners among Pisces:

— Pisces Kurt Cobain sought transcendent non-attachment through heroin.

— Tammy Faye Bakker experienced bliss states with the divine through song, religion and compassion.

— Fred Rogers facilitated unity through kindness, empathy and profound connectivity.

— Albert Einstein explored consciousness through the “orderly harmony of the Universe”.

A liminal midwife

Pisces has one foot in the 3D matrix and the other foot in a timeless archetypal world, often wondering which one is real, and if it really matters.  In the heart of Pisces is the longing for union with The One, or whatever language resonates with the idea of God. For me, I love the platonic idea of the Monad as an “Infinite sea of luminous silence.”

Pisces can often feel out of step in this mundane world, seeking connection for more ethereal realms which siren-call the sensitive Fish back to their true home. Perhaps this is one of the reasons they make such wonderful artists, musicians and poets as they’re able to hear the creative expressions that exist in a diaphanous world where translucent forms ask to be made manifest. Pisces has the receptors to intuit these calls and to midwife them into existence.

Photo by Delia Raya Martínez

Journey to the inner realms

Austin Coppock uses the word “confessor” to describe Pisces. Like the priest who hears all, Pisces takes the journey to the inner realms. This is the heroic journey of uncovering the layers, connections, emotional webs, ancestral karma, and all that lies within to create the magnificent collage of Self. Pisces not only does this for themselves but for others as they make excellent healers, listeners, counsellors, energetic practitioners, and guides.

Pisces Season

As the Sun brings his luminous healing rays through Pisces, he will sextile Uranus in Taurus on March 1st, join with Jupiter March 4th and then with Neptune on the 12th. These days can feel energizing (Uranus), lucky (Jupiter) and day-dreamy imaginative (Neptune).

We’re living through the poetry of a mutable season. As the Sun submerges in Pisces, I encourage you to get in touch with your dreams, your imagination and your compassion as they’re surfacing now and more available to you than usual.