Sun Enters Leo :: Home Sweet Home

The Sun in Leo talisman I created last year laying on top of the Orphic Hymn to Helios. The words on the perimeter of the talisman read: Vitality, Honor & Favor.

The Sun rides his chariot through charismatic Leo from July 22nd to August 21st. Leo is home sweet home to the Sun which means that the Sun can do what comes naturally: SHINE. Leo natives—whether they be introverted or extroverted—carry a sense of quiet dignity to them.  As children of the Sun, they radiate presence, vitality and warmth. There’s a playful creativity to Leo that’s contagious.

But for all Leo’s exterior bravado, they carry a sensitive heart. They hurt easily, although you might never know it as they cover it up with their pride. So if they give you their heart, handle it with care.  In return, generous Leo will offer you what they value most: sincerity, authenticity and loyalty.

Although I’m a traditional astrologer with a psychological approach, I have read several evolutionary astrology books, including Steven Forrest. In his Book of Fire, he says something about Leo which rings true for me and for the many Leos I’ve repeated it to.  I’m including it here so you might ruminate on it and perhaps deepen your understanding on this Sun ruled sign. He writes: The Sun in Leo is gifted to those who carry a wound of rejection, hurt or betrayal—either from a prior lifetime or through genetic inheritance. Leo shines so bright in order to work through this wound by eventually feeling 100% accepted and more importantly: seen.

If this is true—and it feels right to me—it explains while rejection and betrayal devastate Leo so deeply.  This is not to say the rest of the signs are immune from this kind of pain; but it doesn’t live in their bones the way it does with Leo (and Scorpio).

Venus enters Virgo

One day before the Sun enters Leo, our lovely lady Venus gets practical in Virgo. Even though Venus is said to be in Fall in Virgo, making her less equipped to beautify, attract and enjoy, she does have strength by triplicity during the day and rules the terms between 8° to 17°. If I’ve just lost you, don’t worry!  We’ll be learning more about dignity and strength in a three-part series that begins in the article below this one. All this to say: Venus in Virgo is so underrated! Who is not attracted to purposeful & clean design?

Stun in the Sun metallics collection from the Michael Kors website

Just take a look at Michael Kors! With his Venus in Virgo and Sun in Leo, his designer handbags are synonymous with functional luxury. The attention to every last detail architected by a fluid subtlety (Venus in Virgo) creates a delightful user experience. It’s as if humble (yet brilliant) elves took an exquisite garment, bag or accessory and added the extra little touches only you would notice and love—that’s Venus in Virgo. We cherish them because they notice every microscopic imperfection and continue to build a better experience with each iteration.

I leave you with this quote from Michael Kors. Can you spot the Leo Sun and Venus in Virgo? 🧐

“Personal style is knowing yourself, your lifestyle, your body and finding clothes that become the frame. You become the star.”