Sun enters Pisces

Non Plus Ultra
Non Plus Ultra by Nam Das

The Sun leaves the assembly of friends in Aquarius to dive into the calm waters of Pisces. If the Sun represents our plot line, the story for Pisces is transcendent bliss and unity consciousness. The inner compass for the fish points to spiritual illumination. Pisces has one foot in the 3D matrix and the other foot in a timeless archetypal world, often wondering which one is real, and if it really matters.

Pisces gift is empathy. They can take the place of anyone seeing through their eyes. This makes them natural actors, poets and writers, becoming the characters they inspirit for a while. Their empathy gives them the gift of connecting energetically as emotional ions pass through their permeable membrane where Pisces registers the feelings inside a home, through a photograph, or emotionally resonate landmarks where the spirits of the place brim over with stories to the sensitive enough to hear them.

Their empathy also gives them the ability to deeply engage with others and SEE them. There’s a Fresh Air interview with the director on Mr. Rogers where she speaks of him as energetically still. Time seemed to slow down around Fred Rogers as he was monumentally present. He had the ability to have anyone open up to him. This is classic Pisces—which with his Mercury, Venus, Moon and Sun in Pisces—he was. My guess is he already knew what was on the heart of people he engaged with as Pisces can feel through the words and into the spirit of the matter. With practice, they understand what their sensors are perceiving.

Austin Coppock uses the word confessor to describe Pisces. Whereas Sagittarius points his arrow to the external adventure, Pisces takes the journey to the inner realms. Both signs are ruled by Jupiter: Sag-Yang, Pisces-Yin. This is the heroic journey of uncovering the layers, connections, emotional webs, ancestral karma, and all that lies within to create the magnificent collage of Self. Pisces not only does this for themselves but for others as they make excellent healers, listeners, counsellors, energetic practitioners, and guides.

Pisces Rising? Hang in there! All the Aquarian energy is currently congregated in your Twelfth House of self-undoing. Meditate on Saturn, ruler of your 12th House, to move forward with integrity as you dive within to understand the patterns that have kept you blocked and bounded, like the woman in the 8 of Swords. This is a Swords journey for you right now, as you deal with coming to terms of how you can take personal responsibility for the Self you wish to inhabit.