Talismanic Photo :: Venus

Venus Talismanic PhotoAward-winning photographer (and lovely human being) Holly Wilmeth and I are creating talismanic photographs. Integrating magical elections, ritual and photography, we ask a person to represent the focal planet while wearing items that correspond to that planet.  We began with Saturn in December of 2021 and have captured Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Moon and the Third Lunar Mansion. Our aim is to create a body of work that ensouls and transmits the celestial bodies we’re capturing via photography & planetary magic.

Yesterday morning, we had an election for the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. We captured the laughter loving queen in her degree of exaltation where she is most equipped to bring her positive significations.

When I opened the photoshoot with ritual, a wind struck up and the temperature dropped. I’ve been working intentionally with Venus for one year now. In that time, she has announced herself to me with blasts of wind. Knowing that Venus is temperately cold and moist, I took the coldness as a sign of her presence. It had been warm 45 minutes earlier when I walked my dog.

In preparation for these photos, the planet enters our lives through people, synchronicity and dreams. I’ve been dreaming of Venus solidly for the past week. One of Holly’s students randomly lent her dove wings a few days before the photoshoot. We already had the feathers, but had thought wings would be a nice touch… but where would we find them? The wings made their way to us. It’s always a magical process, but especially so with Venus


— Planet: Venus with her correspondences of white roses, Venus talisman, copper, dove feathers and wings

— Ambassador: Natalia @nataliafdzr, Co-owner, coach and community builder at intobarre.com

— Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

— Election: February 17, 2023 from 8:28 am—8:53 am

— Request: Beautiful and sweet Venus, may this talismanic photo bring your blessings of love, peace and harmony. May all who view this magical photograph realize greater connection that comes from meaningful relationships. May they be infused with the artistry and beauty as a creative spirit flourishes under your divine guidance.

Laughter loving queenThank you, so much, to our gracious model Natalia @nataliafdzr who braved the wind and cold to effortlessly channel Venus.  Thank you Holly for believing in this project and always, always bringing your A game with a big ol’ smile. Most of all, thank you to Venus for companioning me the past 12 months.

Next up: Mercury and Mars. I’ve started looking for elections!