The North Node, visited thrice

Do you pay attention to patterns? I do. Especially when it involves the path of development and personal growth. Starting today, the North Node in Cancer receives a visit from an emotionally driven Mars. Then on Saturday, protective Mercury stops by followed by an intuitive Venus a month later in July.

This line up reminds me of advice I recently heard from business maven and thought leader @marieforleo She shared that sometimes, our thinking gets in the way of progress. We over analyze to the point of optimizing an idea to death. Paralysis by analysis. Sometimes the best thing we can do is take the plunge and then figure out the details afterwards. Hit that publish button!

In this lineup with the North Node, our path of development (which can be a wee bit uncomfortable but soooo worth it), Mars wants to push ahead, but in Cancer, there’s a hesitancy… a sideways two-step as Mars circles round an action to take. But we can take action; even a small one is a start. Mercury will stop by this weekend and do the thinking, massaging out the details, brainstorming next steps and considering viability. Then let it live for a month. When gracious Venus comes along, she’ll help out with promotion, relating, comfort levels, and smoothing out any wrinkles.

So the steps I’m taking with the North Node and its celestial lineup is to act now, think later, and resolve in a month.

Art by @somniumcollective