Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022

November 8, 2022 at 5:02 am Central—Full Moons often herald endings. Their culminating energy brings us closer to wrapping up a certain part of our lives. The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse next Tuesday is very powerful. Conjunct Uranus and the North Node, it surges us towards the future, ready or not. It can be a time of dramatic and destabilising endings so a new beginning can unfold in its wake.

Breakdown to breakthrough

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. In addition, she rules the second decan of Taurus where this eclipse occurs. Conjunct the North Node, this is a Moon determined to fill her pressing appetite for comfort, nourishment, safety, security, stability and sanctuary. Yet the significant presence of Uranus also conjunct the Moon at the same degree upsets the apple cart. For as we know, Uranus symbolizes surprise, breakthrough and unexpected change, especially during an eclipse.

This signature poses a threat to the status quo. It can throw our regular routines, structures and expectations into a carnival mirror: they exist but feel warped. At the same time, there is an enormous amount of fixed energy in this chart. With six planets in fixed signs, the strain of keeping things locked down and predictable is strong. So the tension between future and past—making way for change while retaining a stable normalcy—is notable.  With a prominent Uranus in the mix, we’re being asked to ramp up our ability to adapt asap.

Core themes

As always, it’s helpful to look at the ruler of the lunation. In this case, Venus is going through her own underground journey in Scorpio. Having been recently purified in the heart of the Sun, she’s currently combust, invisible and in exile.  As I wrote in the last newsletter, Venus is a little hypervigilant in Scorpio, looking for proof of love and/or security and very sensitive to hairline cracks in the facade. Venus wants assurance of soul-deep truth in Scorpio as this is her sticky tape that binds her to commitments. Core themes during this eclipse season include who can we trust? Who can we be vulnerable with? What old traumas can we compost in Scorpio’s rich fertilizer that will cultivate nourishing stability?

The Taurus-Scorpio axis highlights concerns around resources, security, comfort, survival, trust and intimacy. As we move from one eclipse to another, things may feel off, from our digestion to our interactions with others. As Venus, the Sun and Mercury go through their opposition with Uranus and Square to Saturn, we’re absorbing destabilizing hits as we balance back on stabilizing containment.

On a promising note, on the day of eclipse, Mercury will go through his own A-Ha moment as he enters the heart of the Sun in a cazimi and opposes Uranus. This two-step can provide the liberating insight we need to cleanse and break through to understand whatever lessons this time wishes to cultivate in us.

Photo by Finn on Unsplash