Venus Enclosed by Mars and Saturn: An awful party

When Venus enters Aquarius on March 6th, she’ll pull ahead of Mars. Given the way the planets are configured, this will put her in a tenuous situation called “malefic enclosure”, kind of like being caught between a rock and a hard place, or going from bad to worse.

In traditional astrology, when Saturn and Mars bookend a planet either by conjunction or by casting a ray by trine, square, or opposition on both sides of a planet, that planet is said to be enclosed by the malefics. This condition limits the planet’s ability to express itself. For Venus, that would manifest as challenges in relationships, finances, romance, social life, peace-making, attraction and beauty!  It’s a time when feelings of hopelessness, isolation and betrayal can crop up, especially if Venus is your time lord.

Stuck in awkward conversation

Photo by Inga Seliverstova from Pexels

Consider this: you attend your friend’s birthday party. Even though there are plenty of people you’d like to talk to and catch up with, you’ve somehow become trapped by someone you really don’t want to be around. You look around the room, and the only other person you see is another individual you don’t care for.  Where is everyone else? They’re in other parts of the house: all places you don’t currently have a line of sight to. You can’t signal anyone to come over, and nobody sees the predicament you’re in. Since you’re a kind person most of the time, you don’t want to be rude and awkwardly extract yourself. So for the moment: you’re stuck, going through the motions and definitely not feeling your best self.

That’s Venus: once in Aquarius, she can’t see Mercury, Jupiter or the Sun in the other room Pisces. Even though Uranus could break up the enclosure, as a modern planet, we exclude him. This condition pertains only to the traditional seven. It’s not until March 28th when Venus conjuncts Saturn that she’s free of this hostage-like situation and can mingle with the other guests. The only relief she has from March 6th to the 28th is when the Moon throws her helpful glances as she threads between the signs, offering Venus a line of sight to her.

Times like this

I mentioned that malefic enclosure limits a planet’s ability to express itself. Yet, given the beautiful energies available to us this month with an expansive New Moon in Pisces and all the delicious and imaginative Jupiter-Neptune energy filling our hearts, it would seem that this would be the time for Venus to shine!  Wasn’t the planet of love and beauty made for times like this?

In Aquarius, Venus is more cerebral like Yoko Ono and Oprah Winfrey—both Venus in Aquarius natives who connect through the world of ideas and ideals. Traditionally ruled by Saturn, Venus in Aquarius functions best when enforcing her boundaries and personal sovereignty.

Perhaps the subtext for March is to keep a close eye and detached expectations on developments. March has the ability to catapult us into a euphoric Neverland. But before we put on our glass slippers and head to the ball under the intoxicating and magical skies of March, we might consider creating a safe word with our fairy godmother.