Venus enters Scorpio

On September 10th, Venus hung up her silk kimono in her home sign Libra as she donned boots and dagger to visit the home of Mars. In Scorpio, Venus honors her animal instincts. Taking her cue from Mars, Venus in the Warrior’s sign is primal, passionate, magnetic and intense.  She’s also less inclined towards friendly chitchat. Making small talk to connect and keep the friendly fires smoldering is agonizing as evidenced by Venus in Scorpio native Joaquin Phoenix. No, she’s the child who swore oaths of fealty with blood and finger pricks.  Words weren’t needed; actions proved loyalty.

Venus in Scorpio natives—Game of Thrones Alfie Allen, Lena Headey, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke. Image from

Venus in Scorpio lives by the creed “To thy own self be true” which also means keeping her word with others. She expects the same in return. Her placement in the fixed waters of Scorpio go fiercely deep, demanding loyalty and raw truth. This is a friend one finds in the soul, because Venus in Scorpio knows no other way to connect expect at a profound level. For this reason, she’s very selective of whom she truly allows into her inner sanctum.

Quality of Time

With Venus in Scorpio and Mars having entered Libra a few days after on the 14th, both planets are said to be in their detriment at this time. Then on the 22nd, the Sun enters its fall in Libra. This is a time when creativity and resourcefulness are recommended. As mentioned in previous newsletters about essential dignity, planets are well equipped to carry out their significations when they occupy their domicile. But in detriment and fall, they need to be more scrappy which can result in a bit of instability and unpredictability.

Further, with Mercury turning retrograde on the 27th, the quality of time from mid-month on might find us navigating speed bumps or shifting gears as we ascend newly formed challenges. Mercury retrograde encourages us to reappraise the way forward. If we missed our exit, it’s best to turn off and remedy the situation sooner than later or at the very least take another look at the directions.

Venus through Scorpio

During her journey through Scorpio, Venus squares Saturn on the 17th and opposes Uranus on the 23rd. It’s quite possible some of our relationships and/or finances (both topics ruled by Venus) will go through a reality check that can feel lonely and constraining (Saturn) followed by an awakening caused by the disruptive and evolutionary push Uranus oppositions can bring. Venus is in the underworld now, searching for the truth of what she values, who she can trust, and ultimately, understanding her worth.  We can help her by paying close attention to the Scorpio and Libra parts of our charts, making revisions if needed.