Venus enters Taurus

March 4—Things are looking up for Venus. After braving through a somewhat hostile environment (think about visiting relatives you have nothing in common with) while making uncomfortable connections with Pluto (where there are power struggles) and then Saturn (and weird rules), she’s come home to Taurus. Home sweet home! She’s ready to remove her suit of armor and slip into luxurious silks. She’s trading in sword & shield for a bubble bath and a glass of Chardonnay. Now at home, Venus can listen to what she wants to, burn her incense, sleep until 10, and eat all the cocoa nibs she desires. In her own domicile, the planet of love, connection, beauty, and coin is her own boss which allows her free rein to flourish according to her standards.

In the yin, fixed earth sign of Taurus, Venus values peace and serenity above all else. She finds it in nature, music, and all things sensual. She can elevate touch, serving a meal, and pleasuring the senses to an erotic spirituality. She worships beauty not as something that is outside of herself, but as an expression of all life she creatively interacts with in her own generative landscapes.

There’s an inherent, natural royalty to Venus in Taurus. She exudes a mesmerizing animal magnetism, turning heads and piquing interest wherever she goes. She knows her worth and won’t suffer fools for long. She values herself, gifting herself little luxuries that nourish her well-being just like a garden water drip attends to growing plants. Venus in Taurus teaches the rest of us how to honor and enjoy our soft animal bodies. It is, after all, our inheritance to live in abundance.

Venus travels through Taurus March 4—April 3. She’ll be making an electrifying conjunction with Uranus on the 8th and then trining Jupiter & Pluto on the 28th before she says au revoir to her soft bed, rose scented candles and biurnal beats and heads out into the social scene of Gemini.