Venus in Cancer

Venus slipped into something more comfortable as she ingressed into Cancer today, perfect timing for the massive Instagram/FB meltdown which gave her the impetus to connect IRL instead of on a screen. An ideal evening switched from mingling with friends⁠—old and new⁠—at Trivia Night to bubble baths with candles, followed by slippers, popcorn, and Netflix. Venus, the planet of love+friendship & grace+beauty, connects emotionally in Cancer, a water sign. We’re inclined to mother ourselves and our loved ones in ways that feel nurturing and intimate. Venus in Cancer needn’t be alone as she paints her toenails and watches re-runs of the Golden Girls. Fur babies, family, besties, or her beloved are usually right there with her, in the sacred hearth of home.

Mid-month, Venus will follow in the steps of the Sun, Mercury, and Mars as she opposes Saturn and Pluto. In the water sign of Cancer, Venus is looking for more meaning and connection in her relationships. Saturn asks, What are the barriers to this? Where is the lack? What do you fear? What is the reality of your relationship(s)? Pluto is looking at depth and intensity, ready to resurrect, rebirth and renew. With Venus close to the North Node and opposite Pluto during the full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, events during this time can feel fated. This may very well be a time to look at our insecurities and how they may have grown like vines around the values we have built concerning family, tribe, partners and significant others.

Art by @83oranges .