Venus in Taurus & a reminder on love and change

Venus left the blood, sweat and iron of Aries to return to her verdant fields of Taurus on May 28th.  After removing her suit of armor and laying down her sword—the accouterments we find in a Mars ruled sign—she slipped on her luxurious silks and lifted a glass of Chardonnay to her lips. Now at home, the planet of love, connection, beauty and coin is her own boss which allows her free rein to flourish according to her standards.

In the yin, fixed earth sign of Taurus, Venus values peace and serenity above all else. She finds it in nature, music and all things sensual. She can elevate touch, serving a meal, and pleasuring the senses to an erotic spirituality. She worships beauty not as something that is outside of herself, but as an expression of all life she creatively interacts with in her own generative landscapes.

There’s an inherent royalty to Venus in Taurus. She exudes a mesmerizing animal magnetism, turning heads and piquing interest wherever she goes. She knows her worth and won’t suffer fools for long. She values herself, gifting herself little luxuries that nourish her well-being just like a garden water drip attends to growing plants. Venus in Taurus teaches the rest of us how to honor and enjoy our soft animal bodies. It is, after all, our inheritance to live in abundance.

Connections while in Taurus

As Venus travels through Taurus May 28th to June 22nd, she makes an electrifying conjunction with Uranus on the 11th and then squares a retrograde Saturn on the 18th. Interestingly, her square to Saturn falls on 25° Taurus, activating last month’s powerful lunar eclipse when the Sun was at 25° Taurus and the Moon at 25° Scorpio. How might we break this down?

I like to think of Uranus as the impulse that wishes to set us free. Like a chick hatching from its shell, the process can feel disruptive, conflicted and a bit messy. Yet when we’re under the influence of Uranus, we’re encouraged to experiment and to try new things. Perhaps it’s nature’s way of asking us to hack into our code—our normal defaults—and overwrite it with a new script. This new script can offer us the kind of liberation that innervates our awakening selves.

Saturn helps us to alchemize our experiences into wisdom. The tools Saturn hangs in his shed include loneliness, isolation, introspection, melancholy, taking responsibility, aging, making a commitment and becoming a person of integrity.

With Venus in Taurus, she’s prioritizing peace, serenity and her own sense of self-value. With Uranus, there might be a relationship, job, or situation she has simply outgrown. Like the chick to the shell, she’s ready to break free of confinement. The push from Uranus is just the sort of impetus she needs. In her follow-up square to Saturn, she may be dealing with the fall out and a tension between wanting to belong, requiring love or financial security vs setting the boundaries needed for integrity and self-care. As the Venus-Saturn square activates the eclipse point from May 15th, the themes of our Taurus-Scorpio axis can reach a point where we must decide and take action now or events will do this for us.

Personal story

This line up reminds me so very much of walking away from an important relationship.  Since the event illustrates these two Venus transits, I’ll briefly share it with you.

I had been in a long term relationship that didn’t feel right. There was no lack of love; it’s just that the relationship itself felt dormant… as if we were sleepwalking through it. I was going through enormous, painful self-exploration at the time and, long story short, I ended up in the Peruvian Amazon for ten days, participating in seven medicinal plant ceremonies. These ten days were life-changing for me, especially in terms of a newfound self respect.

— Venus-Uranus: I returned and broke up with my partner. I also quit job with an abusive boss. A few months later, I had moved to another country and was living off grid in a tiny cabin in the California Redwoods working at a Tibetan Meditation Retreat Center.

–Venus-Saturn: I missed my partner very much. I left a chunk of my heart with him and in Mexico where we had lived. But I knew I had to commit to growing my nascent self respect and also, I had to take responsibility in earning a living/salary.

During this time, I wrote a reminder to myself. I share it with you here in case anyone is going through their own Venus-Uranus-Saturn hatching while also feeling very much alone.

A reminder to self on the nature of love and change…

It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone you love. When the time comes to travel along different paths, remember this:

⚜️ It’s nice to have someone to love who loves you back. It’s human nature to want this. But remember that you yourself are love. You are the essence of love. It already resides within you. You do not need a beloved to reflect the love you have inside. It is who you are. Practice letting love emerge from within and filling your presence with it whenever you can.

⚜️ When you come to the end of a relationship, you can choose to celebrate instead of suffer. Celebrate the time you had together, the lessons learned, and the love shared. Remember that your souls made a contract to serve the other in this life and to bring home lessons that could only be learned in the unique relationship you created together. It’s all good. Celebrate a job well done and a contract completed even if you must celebrate alone.

⚜️ Nothing stays the same. We are always experiencing change in one way or another. Those lovely times together, they graced us for a moment, and now they have gone. The separation that now exists, that will change as well because someday, there will be no separation. The only thing that remains and does not change is love. So embrace this moment where love exists within and around you. And give thanks.

Photos by Annie Spratt on Unsplash