Venus square Pluto: Intensity in love and in seeking truth

Venus squares Pluto tonight at 11:07pm Central Time. Venus in her home sign Libra is looking for connection, fairness and harmony. This is a graceful and diplomatic Venus. When she faces off with heavy weight Pluto, ruminations around truth, loyalty and betrayal can surface, sometimes in an obsessive manner.

It’s helpful to look at ambassadors who carry this energetic in their natal chart. One person is Lucille Ball. Her Venus square Pluto manifested in her marriage to Desi Arnaz as intense passion and furious fighting. The couple was known for the very high highs and the low lows in their marriage. It was an intense love that went to the primal depths of ecstasy, jealousy, obsession and heartbreak = Venus square Pluto.

Another person who has Venus square Pluto in their chart is Julian Assange, hacker and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks. His Venus is in air sign: Gemini. We can see this square to Pluto play out in a fierce determination to reveal—in his words—”uncomfortable truths”. He’s been quoted as saying: “Wikileaks is a mechanism to maximize the flow of information to maximize the amount of action leading to just reform.” The idea of rooting for concealed truth and exposing it so that reform ensues is his Gemini Venus square Pluto talking.

Venus in Libra squares Pluto at 20° Capricorn. You will feel this transit most strongly if you have anything between 18°-23° in the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Cap)