Venus Square Uranus: Straight up Villanelle

Venus in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus early tomorrow morning (5am Central). Relationship issues might flare up at this time. Things we didn’t see coming might make a sudden appearance. Venus strives to bring us together, finding common ground and relatedness; in Leo, she does so with great panache.

Anyone watch Killing Eve? I won’t give anything away, but Venus moves at the moment remind me of the showy and dramatic manner in which assassin Villanelle “courts” agent Eve Polastri – one surprise gesture of “please see me… you know you want me” after another. At essence, she is trying to connect with Eve. Her luring style reflects a Venusian force of leonine attraction at play.

Eve (Sandra Oh) demonstrates another transit also occurring tomorrow: Pallas Athene (force of creative intelligence) squaring Lord of the Underworld Pluto (shadow work, depth psychology, truth coming out). Like Pallas, Eve can “grok” the assassin’s pattern of behavior so well that she understands the core of Villanelle, what motivates her and the messages she’s sending. Eve gets into her head to connect the dots of this machiavellian mastermind = Pallas square Pluto to a tee!

Then there’s Chiron in Aries trine Venus. We’re back to Villanelle whose original wounding may go back to Chiron in Aries with themes of half-of-a-half penny of self worth, deep seated rage, and a “Little Red Hen” belief that she can’t rely on anyone and has to take care of herself. Her theatrics to get Eve’s full attention stems from not being seen or wanted, Chiron in Aries.

As the days turn and the planets dial forward, Venus will trine Jupiter on the 8th. Villanelle will go on a spending spree, buying herself and Eve designer clothes. IRL, we or another might buy flowers or make a grand overture of peace + love. Then on August 14th, V/V comes out from hiding under the beams to conjunct the Sun, a heart to heart moment where Villanelle is seen. I haven’t gotten this far in the series, but given the radiant sweetness and positivity of Venus Cazimi in Leo, I’m placing my bet on passionate fireworks, at least for some of us. Stay tuned!