What’s he building in there? “There” is Virgo

Singer songwriter Tom Waits has a song, “What’s he building in there?” which reminds me of the Virgo Show going on in the heavens this week. What are they building in there? Fresh from Leo’s summer camp, Mars-Venus-Sun all went into the workroom of Virgo last week, where they rolled out the whiteboard and started organizing, strategizing, and getting real. One by one, they’ll all be having a harmonious conversation with Uranus this week, bringing back inspiration and new insight to the table.

Venus receives a breakthrough connection with Uranus today which she’ll contribute to the project. Then Mars adds his satchel of iron ore on Wednesday when he’s jolted by the Great Awakener. Mercury joins the workspace on Thursday adding his beautiful optimizing Virgo brain. As the ruler of Virgo, spokesperson Mercury is will equipped to put his talents to use here. Later on the day, the Sun, influenced from his innervating conversation with Uranus and Mercury’s heightened hosting ability, has his ah-ha moment, infusing developments with purpose and identity.

On Friday, Mars and Uranus midwife the birth of the New Moon at 6° Virgo from a newly inspired Sun. Mars is just 1° away and Uranus is a partile trine at 6° Taurus. All this energy in Virgo, including a New Moon, affords us with a powerful chance to set an achievable intention in the Virgo part of our lives. The flowing connection between Mars and Uranus will energize us take that leap of faith and seriously kickstart or revitalize a part of our lives. This is a time to wrestle up the dream, give it some vision architecture, and believe that if you put in the work, you will see results.

For me, Virgo falls in my 7th House of relationships. I’ve had a surge in clients and will be putting the supports in place (website store, more offerings, developing courses) to ride this swell of fortunate energy and create momentum for the future. How about you? Where is Virgo in your chart and how do you plan to work with the New Moon?

Photo of Tom Waits by @mattmahurin