The 2nd House, the House of Wealth and Substance

The twelve houses acts as fields of experiences for the planets to express their significations. 2nd House themes include:

  • Money and finances
  • Possessions
  • Earning and spending habits
  • Material security
  • Self-worth
Image by Marzesu Collages

The succedent houses—2, 5, 8 and 11—support the houses they follow. The 2nd House (our money, possessions, and financial security) backs the 1st House (the field of Self).

We can look to the sign on the 2nd to see how the person might earn money, their spending habits and also their values concerning their possessions. For example, someone with Aries on the cusp is a self starter and has an entrepreneurial signature in acquiring income. Cancer on the 2nd is a bit more cautious with money and wants to ensure there’s a solid plan for the future in place.

Planets in the 2nd House express themselves in the realm of finances, spending habits and establishing security. Jupiter can be a signature of wealth if the rest of the chart confirms affluence. Bill Gates has Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the 2nd. Saturn in the 2nd often signifies delays or obstacles to earning and keeping money; oftentimes this person believes that one must work hard for every penny. Again, we look to the entire chart to confirm these delineations and also the aspects the planets make themselves from the 2nd House.

Self Worth

There’s a psychological underpinning to the 2nd that reaches beyond our bank accounts and assets. This part deals with feelings of our own self worth. We can have all the money in the world; but if we don’t believe we deserve nice things, our impoverished consciousness disallows us to spend on ourselves. Whenever I see Chiron in the 2nd, this is often an indication that the person grew up in an environment where they felt as though they were a burden or that finances were tight at home. They learned not to ask for things. There’s usually a despairing script around money and self-esteem that is tightly bound together.

When planets transit through the 2nd House, we experience their significations as well. Jupiter might bring us a bump in our paychecks or an unexpected monetary gift. Saturn might ask that we watch our budget and save while Mars transiting the 2nd often sees us spending more than we usually do. Even if you don’t have any planets in the 2nd House, transits will activate this area. In addition, whenever the ruler of the 2nd is activated by transit or progression, you’ll see the impact in your pocketbook.