Mid Summer 2023

We’ve arrived at the middle of August. It’s been raining on and off here in Central Mexico. The soccer field I walk by has adorned itself with a pretty coat of the greenest grass.  Mosquitos appear like Happy Hour regulars every afternoon, finding exposed ankles and forearms to feast upon. School is out for the […]

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Mars in Virgo

Mars laid down his victor’s wreath as he departed from glorious Leo to arrive in the humble and service oriented sign of Virgo on July 10th. Moving from fixed fire to mutable earth, Mars concerns himself now with practicality and efficiency while cleaning up a bit of the overindulgence he may have gotten into the past

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The Wisdom of Saturn

The stories we hear often contain delightful reflections on how the planets can express in our everyday lives. To capture some of these examples, I’ve created this occasional column Analogies where I use an example from something I’ve recently heard or read and transfer it on to a planet’s significations.   Source: Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus Planet: Saturn I’ve

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