Full Moon 27° Gemini 28′ :: Rest Wisely

Full Moon in GeminiDecember 18, 2021 at 10:35pm CT—There comes a time when writing a paper, thesis or even a book, the writer has done all the research they possibly can. Acquiring more data becomes counterproductive. Saturday’s Full Moon in Gemini feels a lot like reaching the saturation point for obtaining the information needed to make a decision. Whether it comes from direct observation, gut feelings, or observing best practices, we’ve reached a culmination point. What’s required now is commitment to the path the evidence is pointing towards.

This is the first lunation in Gemini since November 2020 that is not an eclipse. There’s a feeling of closing down a cycle now, especially with Mars having recently passed over the South Node, a point of release and emptying out.  We can look to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis in our charts to see where this cycle has played out that asks for resolution and healing now.

This lunation’s ruler is Mercury in Capricorn. This Mercury suggests that now is a good time to begin laying the groundwork that stabilizes and supports what we’ve learned from this time. It’s also worth mentioning that Mercury in Capricorn doesn’t cut corners. There’s a meticulousness and precision to this lunation ruler that wants to handle this ending with expert care. Mercury’s trine to Uranus indicates the themes of disruption, alignment and freedom are in play right now.

Ten of Swords

Ten of SwordsThe tarot card associated with the third decan of Gemini is the Ten of Swords. This card appears terrifying when we first look at it—ten swords piercing a man’s back—until we realize the dawn is coming and this man is in a position of surrender.  Healing and restoration comes through stillness. We wouldn’t dream of getting an acupuncture treatment while running laps or undergoing knee surgery while climbing a mountain. We receive these things in a surrendered stillness. It’s the same when we’ve reached the end of a grueling cycle which is The Ten of Swords: there’s a moment of rest and serenity to regroup so we can come back stronger and wiser than before.

The good news? Jupiter supports the Gemini Full Moon in a friendly trine. Even though we may be closing a chapter and there is stillness involved, there’s also a welcomed sense of expansion and hope that accompanies our next steps.  Rest wisely.