Full Moon in Scorpio

Anyone who has adopted a street dog knows they need a little extra care, compassion and training. Having braved the mean streets as pups, they learned survival skills like eating dirty disgusting scraps off the ground, extreme timidity and/or being Extra Alpha so nobody will hurt them. Monday’s Full Moon at 7° Scorpio is a bit like a street dog. Ruled by Mars in Cancer, it’s viscerally attuned to any change, threat or offer in the environment. It’s got hair trigger reactions that all point towards survival. With a square to Saturn, the Full Moon spotlights our fears, sense of lack, restrictions and insecurities. There’s a strong self-preservation mindset present that is hungry for what it wants.

Austin Coppock notes this part of the wheel relates to hunger and offers The Jaw Bone as an image. He adds that Decan I of Scorpio is associated with deep and sometimes secretive desire… we want to eat it all up. Imbibe it. Make it a part of ourselves.*

If we take the hunger idea a bit further, the tarot card associated with Scorpio I is the Five of Cups, or “Lord of Disappointment”. We are often disappointed because we cannot satiate our hunger. Or if we have momentarily, even then it’s not enough and we’re left wanting more. This forever seeking maw rooting for more is a part of being human. But it’s also why we suffer. Buddhism teaches we remain trapped in Samsara because of 1) aversion and 2) craving. We suffer when we don’t surrender to what is. We suffer when we crave for more than what we have. It’s alright to want more, but not to crave it.

All this to say: We have a powerful opportunity at the moment to wake up (Uranus oppose the Moon and sandwiched between the Sun + Venus in Taurus). What if we creatively turned our hunger to causes, land stewardship, communal living and helping others? The mutual reception between the Moon and Mars creates a powerful channel for creative solutions. And if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the world can flip at any moment and we’re more resilient than we think we are. We have the potential to redirect personal cravings onto other + planet. I’d like to think that’s the message of this Full Moon.