Mars Enters Pisces

A YouTube still taken from Hurt by Johnny Cash

Mars—the force of action, will, desire and assertion—submerges himself in the compassionate waters of Pisces for the next six weeks. Pisces is the sign that understands suffering and Mars in Pisces feels things profoundly.

Have you ever watched “Hurt” performed by Johnny Cash? It’s a great example of Cash’s Mars in Pisces using the medium of music to showcase the collective human themes of sorrow, driving it into a work of transcendent beauty.

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails wrote the song during a time of intense depression. It’s been called a “Valentine to the Sufferer”. When Cash asked to cover it, Reznor was honored but had no idea that Cash would truly make it his own exquisite missive from Mars in Pisces (with help from his Sun & Mercury also in Pisces). Pisces has a gift around the arts, music, and empathy. Cash used these phenomenal gifts to truly create a masterpiece from a soul ravaged by time and heartache that connects deeply to the parts of us that yearn in our own holy suffering and broken thoughts.

As Venus retrogrades and Mars enters Pisces, this is a time of feeling things deeply. Let your “empire of dirt” be washed over by the tides of nostalgia. Dance. Create. Pray to the gods for understanding and refuge. Tonglen it out, exchanging self for the other. Run towards the intensity. Know that you are never alone