Mercury in Aries :: April 3-19 🐉

Daenerys Targaryen as Mercury in Aries

Mercury leaves the House of the Undying tomorrow and enters Dragonstone. After spending the past 18 days with his scrying mirror and nebulous dream-talk, his communication style dries off enabling direct (if not sharp) speech, driving the point home. It’s the difference between warlock Pyat Pree and Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen. The first hisses divinatory messages from blue psychedelic stained lips while the second declares liberation and rule of the Iron Throne.

In more relatable terms: Mercury in Aries thinks fast, their mental processing and subsequent speech doing a mental parkour around Mercury in Pisces whose preferred movement is a languid backstroke.

Now in mutual reception with Mars in Gemini, this well resourced Mercury will be moving fast and powerfully. The next two weeks opens up a window of time to attend to all matters of business, learning, communication and Mercurial themes. Just a warning though: Mercury in Aries can leap before looking. Make sure decisions aren’t rash and dangerously spur of the moment. If the opportunity for anger arises, think 4 times before reacting. Mercury in Cardinal-Fire can escalate from curious to enraged in 10 seconds, letting a torrent of dragon fire blast forth which they regret later.